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Imagine if your customers weren’t just numbers on a spreadsheet but real people who you engage with on an ongoing basis, collecting feedback that grows more meaningful over time. Real people, higher response rates, actionable insight—our software gives you the context you need to improve the entire customer lifecycle.

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Launch effective
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Improve customer

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Build successful

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Increase sales channel

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Improve employee

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“Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform allows us not only to identify our consumer’s likes and dislikes, but to stay current on who she is and where she’s going from a beauty point of view—typical focus groups or questionnaires just can’t capture this.”

—Celia Tombalakian
Senior Director of Global Insights and Product Development, Elizabeth Arden


“Our insight communities have significantly enhanced our consumer centricity. They enable us to speak with our consumers almost instantaneously and are a valued resource across our family of brands.”

—Chris Hufnagel
Senior Vice President, Strategy, Wolverine Worldwide


“Our insight communities allow us to increase consumer confidence about the products we sell and create more brand ambassadors.”

—Cedric Painvin
Manager of Customer Insights and Research


“The future is unknown—it’s evolving and changing. The customer intelligence we’re able to capture through the Chat with Chico’s community helps us stay on top of our female shopper so that we’re making sure that we can meet her needs and that we’re with her as she’s changing.”

—Ivy Boehm
Senior Director, Consumer Insights, Chico’s


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