The ultimate intelligence solution for the technology industry

Authentic, timely and confidence-inspiring insight that reveals how prospective customers research, understand and ultimately become advocates for your products and services. Uncovering this caliber of intelligence is critical to understanding the drivers of loyalty and increasing customer lifetime value.

Singtel Group Digital L!fe suchte den Austausch mit seinen Kunden, um die dabei gewonnenen Erkenntnisse in entscheidende Marketing- und Managemententscheidungen integrieren zu können.


“Vision Critical is responsive, understands our unique research needs, and is more than willing to do whatever we ask…nothing rattles Vision Critical.”

—Eric Rothdeutsch
Manager of Customer and Market Insights


“The insight we receive from Telstra Catalyst allows us to make thoughtful decisions that help improve the overall experience and design of Telstra products, services and systems for our customers.”

—Jannine Wood
Catalyst Lead / The Design Practice


Wie die Menschen in Ihrer Branche unsere Plattform nutzen

Enhance marketing campaigns

Develop and deliver the right content to the right people at the right time.

Create better products

Build personas, validate go-to-market materials, and engage customers in every step of the product development process to inform decision making.

Improve customer experience

Anticipate changing customer preferences, identify issues and opportunities in real-time, and track usage or purchase trends.

Wem bringt diese Lösung Vorteile?

Technology marketers, product developers, customer experience professionals, sales leaders, and product managers.

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