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How Brands Can Build Trust with Millennials

Brands that take the time to be transparent about the value and benefit of their products, while also authentically working to make the world a better place, will create an experience that wins the admiration, and spending, of millennials. … Read more

Barnes and Noble College Engages Students with Research

“We established a dedicated research platform two to three years ago where we have a group of 10,000 students—called our student point of view—who weigh in on a lot of issues with us. It’s what has been driving our business lately.” … Read more

Nielsen and Vision Critical form alliance

Nielsen and Vision Critical have formed a strategic alliance, which will see Nielsen’s data integrated with Vision Critical’s platform. … Read more

Nielsen and Vision Critical in insight partnership

Nielsen has partnered with research and technology firm Vision Critical, promising clients the ability to extract additional value from their insight communities and better understand their customers. … Read more

Customer intelligence investment keys customer engagement at Wolverine Worldwide

Wolverine Worldwide’s investment in customer intelligence enabled it to significantly impact its product innovation strategy, resulting in the company’s recognition by Vision Critical as a Visionary Award winner for its superior use of customer communities. … Read more

Barnes & Noble College Studies Customer Intelligence to Stay Relevant

Insights from an 8,000-member student POV community enable the company to stay a step ahead of its Millennials and Gen Z student prospects. … Read more

Haters Gonna Hate: Companies Must Listen To Anonymous Comments

Anonymous feedback from angry customers can create a lopsided, incomplete picture of what customers are thinking. But anonymous customer feedback can have tremendous value when put in the right context. … Read more

A Force To Be Reckoned With

To succeed, businesses need to come to terms with Millennials, and appreciate how they’re motivated by different values and display different behaviors than previous generations of customers. … Read more

Millennials Trust Big Retail Brands the Most

Twenty-three percent of millennials said they are very trusting of popular retail brands, compared to 5 percent of Gen X consumers and 1 percent of baby boomers. … Read more