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Executive Connections: Vision Critical’s APAC chief on customer experience leadership

Following CMO, CIO and ADMA’s recent Executive Connections event for CMOs and CIOs, entitled ‘Crafting your organisation’s customer experience approach’, we hear from Vision Critical’s Peter Harris about using data and digital to find the ‘why’ of customer engagement and how to address it. … Read more

How challenger brands use agility and smart investments to upend the status quo

The best challenger brands make it seem easy to take on large competitors by not only offering innovative products and services, but also by establishing authentic connections and providing messaging that directly addresses consumer needs. … Read more

Market research has to change – a retail industry chat with Vision Critical’s Tyler Douglas

Whenever I get the chance to hear about alternatives to spray-and-pray “personalization” and generically-dumb customer surveys, I’m all ears. Tyler Douglas of Vision Critical made his case for why market research needs to change – and how customer communities provide a different, and more effective model. … Read more

Vision Critical’s Douglas weighs in on customer surveys

Surveys can be a great way to collect detailed intelligence about your customers. But they are not always executed correctly. We talked about that topic with Tyler Douglas, chief sales and marketing officer at Vision Critical. … Read more

How the customer experience is shifting

Historically, the insurance industry has been highly regulated, with strict underwriting requirements and tightly guarded claim adjustment policies. So you may be asking how would an industry such as this even begin to follow the unconventional rules of sharing economy? … Read more

Audio streaming on the rise with key advertising demographics, new study finds

The ‘Share of Listening Australia’ study set out to compile consumers’ listening behaviours, detailing their time spent listening, channels they tune into and the devices used. … Read more

How Brands Can Build Trust with Millennials

Brands that take the time to be transparent about the value and benefit of their products, while also authentically working to make the world a better place, will create an experience that wins the admiration, and spending, of millennials. … Read more

Barnes and Noble College Engages Students with Research

“We established a dedicated research platform two to three years ago where we have a group of 10,000 students—called our student point of view—who weigh in on a lot of issues with us. It’s what has been driving our business lately.” … Read more

Nielsen and Vision Critical form alliance

Nielsen and Vision Critical have formed a strategic alliance, which will see Nielsen’s data integrated with Vision Critical’s platform. … Read more