As a marketer, it’s your job to shape the story of your company and develop communications that convert. You need continuous feedback from a trusted source: a community of highly engaged customers and other stakeholders who care about the fate of your brand. Generate leads, provide ROI and elevate the importance of marketing in your organization with quality insight that enables you to create impactful campaigns.

Your challenges

Outdated, static, point-in-time customer and market data

You need a deeper understanding of the customer, their competitors and their market

Ideas in a vacuum

You need early-stage validation that your approach is the right one

Slow (or no) customer feedback

You need to ensure that decisions being made about campaigns are the correct ones

Unable to effectively measure the impact of campaigns

You need visibility to in-market campaign/content reaction beyond the transactional level

How you benefit from our software

Build impactful messaging

Better understand and anticipate your customer’s needs

Improves marketing campaigns

Validate campaigns before you invest into building them, or directly co-create with your customers

De-risks Go-to-market Strategies

Improve the effectiveness of your go-to-market activities by backing up decisions with customer feedback

Optimizes campaigns with customer feedback

Quickly identify and triage in-market opportunities and issues

Boston Pizza improves marketing marketing and product with customer intelligence

Wir bekommen umgehend Feedback von unseren Kunden. Und dieses Feedback können wir ohne Umwege unserer Geschäftsführung präsentieren oder am runden Tisch diskutieren. So lässt sich wirklich darüber informieren, in welche Richtung sich das Unternehmen bewegt.“

—Matthew Borges
Marketinganalyse- und Marktforschungsmanager bei Boston Pizza

Gather the feedback you need to make impactful decisions with confidence.