“Vision Critical has changed the way our stakeholders view market research. With our insight communities, we involve the member in the entire product development cycle, from idea generation to design to validation. “

— Céline Bertrand
Tony Tong, Senior Market Research Manager, LinkedIn


As part of their Members First core value, LinkedIn, the world’s number one professional network, engages with 68,000 members through seven insight community programs to help drive strategic, member-centric product decisions.

Business Challenge

With a strong desire from CEO Jeff Weiner to put members first, LinkedIn’s research team wanted a scalable way of harnessing member feedback to inform product development. Speed was a big requirement: the company needed member insight that traditional market research was often too late in delivering.


The Career Builders Community is made up of upwardly mobile professionals. Stakeholders across the company immediately saw the value of the insight from the platform, prompting LinkedIn to launch a series of multiple insight communities targeting unique audiences from product marketing to CX and many more. Today, LinkedIn’s marketing, product and engineering teams work closely with the research team to leverage agile insight in the product development process. For example, informing the desktop experience’s most significant redesign in 10 years, enabling product marketing to get qualitative feedback at scale and redesigning the LinkedIn app’s main menu. Ultimately, the communities deliver agile insight that boosts conversions, drives innovation and enhances the user experience.

Erfahren Sie, wie LinkedIn die gewonnen Informationen für eine erfolgreiche Produkteinführung einsetzt