“Vision Critical’s customer intelligence platform allows us not only to identify our consumer’s likes and dislikes, but to stay current on who she is and where she’s going from a beauty point of view—typical focus groups or questionnaires just can’t capture this.”

—Celia Tombalakian
Senior Director of Global Insights and Product Development, Elizabeth Arden

Quickening the pace of product innovation to stay relevant

Elizabeth Arden, one of the world’s most recognized names in beauty, got a makeover. Consumers now expect its makeup lines to have the skin benefits of wellness products. The brand needed to accelerate product innovation and develop a closer relationship to buyers. Elizabeth Arden found a solution in Arden Insiders, an insight community of more than 4,000 women who arm the company with the continuous feedback necessary to make quick, strategic business decisions.

Putting consumers at the center of business decisions

“Traditional research often leaves you with a report and quite a bit of guesswork on next steps beyond that,” says Kara Langan, the senior vice president of global marketing. Arden Insiders allows her to identify consumers in new markets, get to know their wants and needs, and put them at the center of business decisions. For example, consumer feedback has directly influenced the company’s choice of models, concepts and copy in marketing campaigns.

How Elizabeth Arden benefits from our software

Identifies individuals within new target markets

Gathers customer intelligence throughout the buyer journey

Reaches new markets with consumer-approved campaigns

Tests and re-tests products, campaigns and creative

Backs up gut instinct with actionable data

Improves product innovation efficiency

Puts the consumer at the center of business

Improving every stage of the customer journey with intelligence

The brand now engages with consumers at every stage of the marketing cycle. Consumer feedback influenced a change of direction for Elizabeth Arden’s gift-with-purchase promotional program, the company’s most important sell-in vehicle every year. This insight allowed the team to justify its decision to regional partners, who in turn used the data to entice retail partners to participate in the gift-with-purchase.

Elevating customer experience on a tight timeline

Elizabeth Arden won the 2016 Visionary Awards Rookie of the Year, an award given to brands that have tremendous success with a newly launched insight community. “We launched our community as a one-year pilot,” says Tombalakian, “and within six months we’re making plans for geographic expansion. Arden Insiders transformed our ability to make the voice of the consumer central to decision making.” The brand can now confidently predict where consumers and markets are going, and make strategic decisions on the fly.

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